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January 27, 2014 By Hughes

Name: Alun Hughes (no relation!)

What I do at hughes:

I’m a graphic designer, I take on creative briefs from start to finish, help the creative team with their projects and produce finished artwork.

What makes me happy:

I am a serious petrol adrenaline junkie, whether it be cars, motor bikes, anything that moves really. I love design in all its forms and have a mad obsession for photography.


What drives me mad:

Laziness. As this shows the sort of person you are.

Al’s adventures:

In my free time I have an insane amount of drive, and passion for cars and a keen eye for photography and design. I combine these and spend most of my weekends travelling round the country taking part in and photographing motor sports such as rallying, track racing, but mostly drifting racing.

Throughout 2013 I have been spending my weekends shooting for the British Drift Championship, Open Drift Championship and other fun filled journeys around the UK. Some of the shots I have taken this month are shown below.







On more of a personal note, and much to my parents’ relief, this month has seen me finally flying the nest, having been lucky enough to complete on buying my first house. I am now planning the big move into the new pad with my fiancé Tal … wish me luck.






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