Bad crackers ruin Christmases. Don’t be a victim.

December 9, 2015 By Hughes


bad cracker





Every year. We buy them, because it’s expected. And then we wait for the complaints. They didn’t “snap”. The gifts were rubbish. The jokes weren’t funny. The hats weren’t big enough. Or were too big. Yes. We’re talking crackers. Always a disappointment. But always expected amongst the clutter of the Christmas table. We have two choices. We run the risk of ruining the most important meal of the year by having none at all or, we choose innovation. Nothing which deviates too wildly from the norm, just something different. So even if the gifts aren’t great, the snaps don’t snap and the hats don’t fit, they’ll look great on your table. We particularly like these because what’s inside actually looks pretty tasty:

And if you have pets, they can get in on the cracker action too. They do these for little Lucky and Rover, though they may need a bit of help with the pulling bit, given their absence of opposable thumbs:

This year, may your gifts not disappoint, your jokes be funny, your hats fit and your snaps snap. Happy Christmas.

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