Choose an agency that’s more interested in your glory than basking in their own

January 4, 2016 By Hughes

There’s a new breed of service agency. One which substitutes years of experience with loud noise, bright lights and overfamiliarity. If you’re dealing with an agency who’s “look at me”, then they’re focused on getting attention for the wrong organisation.

We’ve been in the business for 25 years. We’ve seen brightly coloured rivals fade. We’ve heard their loud noise become silent. Because their approach is unsustainable. You can only puff your chest out for so long. Only play the triumphant fanfare for a limited time. The challenge of remaining in business as long as we have is seeing it as a long game. Never stopping to bathe in the sun of a recent glory. Just continuing to move forward with optimism, a quiet self belief and integrity, getting the job done and, most importantly being proud of your successes before our own. Because it’s never been about us. Our success comes from helping to sustain yours.

If you’ve not been in touch for a while, give us a call. And if you’d rather deal with an agency which walks and doesn’t swagger, give us a call, too.

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