Does your website get as many hits as videos of cats doing hilarious things?

January 29, 2016 By Hughes

What is it about cat videos? What makes them so compulsive? People can spend millions on producing sleek advertising campaigns, with famous actors and seamless CGI, but chances are you’ll be easily distracted from them by a short video of a spooked cat walking on its back legs or a kitten intimidating a Rottweiler.

Youtube has a lot to answer for when kittens receive more daily coverage than the important issues of the day.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe the videos are an escape. From all the bad news, which through technology, feels closer and closer to us. Maybe it’s good to be distracted from serious stuff for a bit and to let off steam and watch something which doesn’t demand anything of us other than to watch it. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and watch something happen. We like to think we can do that for you when it comes to your creative needs. All we need from you is a brief and an agreed amount of time. And while we work to find a solution which makes your business work harder, you can sit back and watch it happen. Because after 25 years in the business, you’ll be in safe hands.

Call or email us and we’ll get the ball rolling. And when you’ve done that, you might like to watch this, our favourite cat video of all.

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